Honeybook Review

Honeybook is a communication platform that handles messaging, payments, schedules between clients and vendors. As a wedding photographer I needed something other than Gmail to communicate with my clients. That was the time when I stumbled on Honeybook. It was newer at the time that I tested it and they were offering a founders fee of 400$ flat fee to use the platform. 

Starting newer in business I was still having my couples write me checks and handing or mailing them into me which was just not convent for anyone.  I tried making invoices through word and I was working my butt off to find something that worked. I calculated the prices for 17 hats and other platforms that looked like it had it all inclusive which was what I needed . Since I was at the start of my business it made sense to hop on the Honeybook train early and save money in the long run. 

It was worth it. Honeybook completely transformed my platform of communication with my clients. It looks cleaner and more professional than my previous setup and I can send Document and packages and brochures with ease and fast.  

Honeybook has made it more convent for my clients to make online payments for their photography. (And no more Bank runs for me!) It even comes with kind automatic payment reminders.  

I love how I can have email templates to cut down my emailing more than one half the time it was previously!  

Overall, Honeybook was one of the best descisons for my business as a whole. It still is a growing business and has some features that need to be added such as email scheduling and customer ablility to adjust the timeline feature. But I know the team at Honeybook are working to make these happen.