This Is What 25 Looks Like

Today, I turned 25; Lily on How I Met Your Mother on her birthday is exactly how i feel about birthdays!  Although many women my age are freaking out about aging, It doesn't really bothered me. As I have gotten older, married and living on our own, my personal freedom has grown; becoming an adult has been the best time of my life!

lillyhow i met your mother.jpg

Here are some of my favorite moments on the 24th year of my life: seeing and photographing two of my best friends weddings as well as my eldest sister's wedding, my husband dancing with me to our favorite song in public (literally one of the most romantic moments I have ever experienced, I swooned), meeting SO many different creatives in the twin cities area, making my photography an official official business, watching and finishing Parks and Rec for the first time with Marcus, watching my dad finally hit his goal and retire, buying my first car, trips to Glendale, Charleston, Atlanta, Greenville.

It has been a beautiful year, but I can now rent a car without it being such a headache!(im coming for you dodge charger)