Brownlee - a Kelly Moore camera Bag/ A Molly Sanchez obsession | personal

So, as so many photographers before me I came to a dilemma. I have my camera equipment but I hate just throwing it in my purse, where is it is tousled around unprotected.Over the years, I have not been too impressed with the camera purse options. I jsut remember seeing these not so pretty purses at Best Buy and liking the idea Skip up a to the present, I just finished this amazing Creative Live Course with Jasmine Star (an AMAZING Wedding Photographer based in Orange County) and she had this leather side camera bag that just looked normal. It didn't have " I AM CARRYING CAMERA EQUIPMENT" stamped all over it. This bag was simple, nice, and classy. It made me think to myself " I should get a bag that I can carry around without it being so obvious that I am hauling my expensive camera equipment with me."   So began the hunt for a camera purse.  There are several out there to choose from - Kelly Moore, Jill-E, Epiphanie,  Cheeky Lime, and some others. There are so many looks out there that can fit to your personal style. Going through websites, I came across the Brownlee by Kelly Moore. SO CUTE. Ever since I have been thinking about how and when I am gonna buy that purse. only thing holding me back is the black and white one that I want is out of stock. When I finally do order it when it comes back into stock, I will write a review and let you know what I think and if it was exactly what I was looking for.