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This summer has just hit us in full blast and I am loving every moment of it! This is the first summer at this house; when we first got the house in late winter, we were eager to see what would grow in the yard!
I don't know if you can relate but we held off on getting a lawn mower for as long as we could. The grass height ended up being to my knees!! I loved it but I know the city would not be as understanding. What we ended up doing was borrowing a lawn mower from my dad. It was the same one we had when we were renting, just a simple push mower. The first time I mowed the grass this year it took me 2.5 HOURS!! As I walked in the house and plopped down exhausted on the floor, I told Marcus there was no way that was going to continue to work. 
We finally bit the bullet and went shopping for a lawn mower 2 weeks ago and got a self propelled one! With a little more help from the lawnmower itself the yard hasn't continued to be such a daunting task!  We are blessed with a big yard and we have finally equipped ourselves properly to take care of it!
These photos are a little bit of our yard and some of the beautiful plant life I am enjoying!!
What's your favorite thing growing in your garden right now??