Adult Night at the Minnesota Zoo | Sanchez Adventures | Personal

Do you ever just crave a night out? I sometimes spend hours scrolling facebook events in my area to see what is going on in the outside world and to see if it would be something worth doing.

One event I found was adult night at the Minnesota Zoo! With a free zoo located in St. Paul (Como) I have probably been to the Minnesota Zoo one other time in my life because who needs to pay for a zoo when you have a free one right there! Marcus had yet been to the other zoo so I thought it would be a fun night out and exploring. I was right! 
The entire zoo was open to have you explore; at each big trail they had beverages and food for you to purchase while enjoying exotic animals but this event was 18+ with not kids. 

I found out Marcus could watch monkeys all day and he was completely fascinated by them! The snow monkeys were really fun to watch, but the monkeys on the tropic trail were so interesting to look at. Marcus also really enjoys the bears; they look sooo fluffy I have always been curious how hugging on would feel, but self preservation has won out on that urge. My favorite animal, the red panda, was asleep so not as exciting as a hog with elvish ears that horror movies are inspired from, but I still freaked out when I saw it!

I didn't get too many pictures because I am always torn with the fact that I want photos but I also want to be present in that moment. So for this Sanchez Adventure, I choose to be present.

Overall, it was a fun and new experience for both of us and I am happy we decided to go! It would be an enjoyable date night for anyone who enjoys animals! 

Marcus and Molly and red Panda at the Minnesota Zoo