Importance of a Personal Attendant | Minneapolis & St Paul Wedding Photographer | For the Bride

As the wedding day draws closer, I hope you are envisioning all the good moments, your groom's face the moment he lays his eyes on you the first time, being able to say your vows in front of your loved ones,seeing all your months of preparation come to life. 
Your mind my be consumed with excitement for the great moments; One thing you don't want to focus on is the possibility of the bad moments on your weddings day.( people getting lost, No one wants to even think that there may be a disaster around the corner on what is supposta be one of the best days of your life!
If there is one thing that many people in the wedding industry understand there is always one thing that goes wrong on a wedding day!  So why not plan for it! 

I advise having a friend who will be your human fire extinguisher. This person is the one person that people will go to with problems, question, ANYTHING. They will be the one that puts out all the fires before they spread! This will help the bride to truly relax on the big day, which is how it is supposed to be! It helps knowing that no matter what happens someone else will take care of it.

Who should it be? I advise to have it be someone other than close family and someone in your wedding party. These people shouldn't be torn away from enjoying the day with you and your groom! They have already invested so much time and effort into both of you. Have a relaxing day where everyone can soak up every moment.  This could be a personal attendant, cousin,  close friend, someone from your church. Trust me it will be Well Worth it in the end.

One photographer that I love always says " If you fail to plan, you plan to fail."  -Jasmine Star  Plan on being prepared! So when you look back on your wedding day you will hopefully remember the best day of your life! 

Just for the fun of it,  whoever you decide to be the person to extinguish all the wedding day fires, I found some cute gift ideas for them of fire extinguisher themed. Here are some cufflinks (here) for guys and rings and necklaces (here) for female attendants! This will help everybody know their job! ;) And keep you enjoying your day!