Hudson Engagement Photography | Grace & Ethan | Minneapolis Wedding Photographer

Grace wasn't looking for anything but an enjoyable time when her friend reached out asking her to join the college ultimate frisbe. That is where she first meet Ethan. But it wasn't Gods time for anything more than a budding friendship. They spent more time together when Grace invited a whole group of people to help with a school out reach ministry and like sometimes happens only Ethan showed up.  They had a blast. (Ethan expressed he considers this their first unofficial date)  After a while Ethan started to really take notice of Grace more than just a friend. They had their first date on a hike at Afton State Park with dinner in downtown hudson. After that Grace wasnt so sure if they should have a second date and let Ethan down as nicely as possible . Ethan was hard core friendzoned, but that didnt stop him from keeping a small hope of Grace in his heart. Grace spent that summer in Guam and she honestly thinks God was working in her heart to mold her and shape her heart for the better. After Grace got back to the states and Ethan got his second date!! XD Friend zone officially lifted as they are smiling their way to the aisle in just a short couple of months.