Engagement session

Interstate State Park Engagement Photography | Becca & Scott | Taylor Falls Engagement Photographer

Do you know Becca & Scott? We had done a session a couple of years ago which is still to-date the coldest shoot I have ever done. We laughed about it this past weekend at their ENGAGEMENT SESSION. I could not have been more excited to re-shoot these high school sweethearts years later. The meet in high school and stuck it through, something that not many do.
Scott told me he was going to pop the question when he visited Becca for Thanksgiving. For her last semester in college Becca could not be more done! Scott had a plan, after work take Becca to a beautiful waterfall and make his girl his fiance in one simple question! Easy Peasy right? Well, since Becca was not in on the plan she made other plans. Not seeing any need to rush, she made some time to have Scott meet her work family.

Since the plan was to prose at sunset in front of a waterfall ( can you get more romantic than that?) it was a little darker than Scott anticipated so they drove past his desired location and it took a couple of trys before finding it again. As Scott was desperately looking for the right turn to the said waterfall, Becca connected the dots and started to make suggestions of pretty spots along the way.

They finally made it and Scott started to lay his heart out to Becca; he was in the middle of his proposal when Becca asked if he was gonna get down on his knee! He assured her that he was going to but he was going to finish first. Well he got through it and down on one knee and asked his best friend to marry him. She of course said YES and couldn't look at anything else but her new shiny friend sitting on her hand all the way back.

They will be continuing to choose each other next year for their late summer wedding! SO EXCITED! Please enjoy a small preview of their engagement session last weekend. Didn't they rock it?!

Harriet Island Park Engagement Photography | Jenna & Jason | Minneapolis Engagement Photographer

Jenna and Jason talked about how they never make it to the cities! So when we were hunting for a location I couldn't help but through in my favorite St. Paul in the mix. Jenna is a math teacher by trade so she made sure to emphasis that she looovvveed shapes. Well that just assured me we were cut from the same cloth because Harriet Island Park has had some shapes on my mind for a long while!  I think we got some good ones while we explored.

Jenna and Jason met on Christian Mingle. Although they  remember differently on the topic of what Jason was wearing in his profile picture, Jenna remembers how sharp he looked in his profile! After talking a bit back and forth Jason was taken with Jenna's words and they decided to meet. Jason is originally from Nebraska so meeting was definitely not as easy as it is for others. They chose a midway point and went on a date and just clicked.  It went very well and after several trips back and forth they decided to choose each other and get married.
On a nice day out Jason took Jenna to Minihaha Falls Park to enjoy the beautiful May weather; he packed a picnic for them both. As they were sitting there enjoying each others company, he popped the question and she said yes! They celebrated with smiles and mimosas.

Please enjoy a small preview of their engagement session!