Engagement session

Spring Lake Park Engagement Photography | Michaila & Bailey | Minneapolis Engagement Photographer

Bailey and his family packed up and moved from Minnesota to Connecticut. His life was about to change in more ways than one. At his new church he joined in on the frequent Volleyball games the same place that Michaila happened to be a part of. Besides his good looks Michalia fell for his bubbly personality that she witnessed first hand. It wasn't too long after that that they were dating!!

Then one day this past April Bailey decided to get a ring on that figure! So he took Michaila to one of their favorite restaurants with a beautiful outdoor seating and was going to pop the question with a beautiful view outside as well as the handmade ring box he made. Unfortunately nature had different plans and the rain forced them to spend their date night inside. They were seated at a corner booth so Bailey trying ever so smoothly and truthfully a little awkwardly adjusted the box out of his pocket to finally pop the question. As you have probably guessed since they are doing the engagement photos that she said yes!! While they were visiting back in Minnesota they decided to invite me to shoot with them in one of their favorite parks!

Lebanon Park Engagement Photography | Chelsey & Steve | Minneapolis Wedding Photographer

They met in middle school at Falcon ridge. They always made it a point to sign each others year books. Having taken a lot of classes together they knew each other but then they differed apart of a couple of years. Steve noticed Chelsey's smile the most because she was always wearing it. They had seen each other a ways at a foot ball game and Chelsey had waved but Steve didn't go over to say hi and immediately regretted it after the fact. So when fate brought them to the same bar a while later Steve was not going to give up his chance to say hi this time! it was not too long after that that they were dating!! 

Then on a hill in redwing Steve wrapped his arms around Chelsey and they just cuddled there.  as he held her he knew this was the future he wanted. Chelsey then heard a snapping sound of a ring box closing as Steve placed the ring in her hand and as they hugged there he asked her to marry him! 
So that brings us to this shoot! We went to one of their favorite hiking spots at Lebanon Hills Park! It was a hot day and the sun was being my best friend! As we enjoyed each others company we also experienced some wild life: Geese, I GIANT turkey, and a deer. It was quiet the little adventure! The will be getting married this winter not two far from where we shot these! 

Enjoy their engagement session!

Interstate Park | Courtney & Jordan | Minneapolis Wedding Photographer

Courtney and Jordan met online. Courtney had left several messages for Jordan, which he thought it wouldn't hurt to meet with her, as he thought like the others, it wouldn't really work out. While they met at a Chinese restaurant in Uptown that is no longer there, his doubts slowly melted away.

Our first scheduled engagement session was on April 14th which ended up being one of the worst blizzards in recent Minnesota history. So we enjoyed the beautiful weather this past weekend instead! We enjoyed walking around Wisconsin Interstate State Park, a frequent and favorite hiking place for these two.  The rain held off so we could enjoy doing all the awkward things and enjoy the beautiful day!

They decided they needed a weekend away at a familiar place they have relaxed at before. For Courtney's birthday they made their way to Denver, Colorado for a quick celebratory 3 day weekend. Courtney wasn't expecting anything but relaxation. THey stayed at the same hotel that is rumourly haunted and inspired Steven King's famous novel The Shining. As they enjoyed their time they decided to venture out to enjoy the lakes in the surrounding areas. With high winds that day they made several attempts until they finally ended up at Bear Lake. They were pretty much alone with only two skiers watching from a distance when Jordan got down on one knee and proposed. And with cheers from the random onlookers, Courtney said yes!! They are both excited and ready to get married this fall!