Rice Park Couple Photography | Becca & Scott | Portraits

Rice Park Becca was the first to notice Scott back in high school. She tried to convenience their choir teacher their voices would work well together and if they had to throw in a couple other singers that was fine but for her and Scott should sing together. Scott admits that he was clueless for the longest time before he came to realize Becca's affections. But once they were finally on the same page it was magic. Now they have been dating for over two years excited spending time together over the Christmas holidays before being a part for the next semester in school.

They decided to get some photos done together for fun while on break from school! Our session was in the beautiful Rice Park, downtown St. Paul. We hit it right as the weather was the coldest at -14 degrees (not including that biting wind). These two were AMAZING even though it was literally way past freezing. I hope you enjoy their session as much as I did!