Shoot and Share Competition | What I Took Away | Finalist

Finalist against more than 30,000 other photos?! YES, I AM FREAKING OUT!

If you don't know what this is Shoot and Share is a fun and addictive photo competition that anyone can be a part of!  You can add up to 50 photos in numerous categories that fit each niche of your style and passions. 

The photo of mine that made it the farthest was my pancake cake from a shoot last year! This photo made top 100 in it's category coming out to be 25th out of 7,635 photos. <3 Every time i saw my photo when voting my heart would skip a beat and then start to beat faster and I would get giddy with excitment! It is so much fun knowing someone voted for you!

WSS2016Details (50 of 76).JPG

This is my second year entering photos, but my favorite part is the AMAZING talent I see when voting. I have learned that flowy dress portraits can make me sit in awe for minutes where I never want to look away,  movement in photos can cause a almost dreamlike quality to photos, leading lines make wedding photos pop. I learned any time it has a mermaid theme or a corgi in the photo I will vote for it!  It has been such a cool inspiration and new goals that I want to implement in my own photos!  

Here is a little screen shot of some of my favorite photos from this year competition.  The photo by Lexy Parks was my ABOSULTE Favorite from the contest!!  I encourage anyone who love photography to either enter or vote next year! WARNING: Voting for the shoot and share contest is extremely addicting and will steal many hours of your life, but will fill your mind with beautiful photos!