Spring is here!

Minnesota is finally starting to thaw and very much like the buds on the trees Minnesotans are coming out of their homes to enjoy the beautiful weather.

Growing up my grandma gertie lived in this small one bedroom where her daily goal was to absorb as much sun as humanly possible. When we were at her house in the summers she would have us kids paint all the rocks in the yard a different color each year. I remember spending what felt like hours painting these giant rocks lining her yard.

Now years later, Marcus and I are living in the same house and I am still having to move these giant rocks. To make way for my raspberry bushes, I spent a couple hours of my sunny Saturday wheeling these paint chipped rocks out of the way.
Although those rocks are a burden to move, it makes me think of my grandma sitting in the yard cutting the grass with her scissors while we would paint the rocks; it makes me happy Minnesota spring finally decided to stay.