Furman University Elopement Photography| Events at the Davenport Wedding Photography | Heidi & Josh

Heidi, the Canadian hardworking girl, fell for Josh, a playful Italian.  When they had first meet it was through a mutual friend, but at the time Heidi was unavailable to date.
As time went on and their conversations grew deeper;so did their affection for one another.  Heidi's leap year birthday came up and she received the best birthday present, Josh's wedding vows. They had a small courthouse wedding surrounded by a couple of friends and a whole lot of love. They both wanted to share their love with others and decided to hold a reception at the Davenport in Greer, to which Marcus and myself were invited.
This was my first elopement and boy did I love it!! My favorite part of the day was the bride and groom portraits!! Having the opportunity to focus on just these two love birds was definitely the highlight of our East Coast Trip!
Josh's face seeing Heidi for the first time all dressed up and prettier up in her wedding dress was priceless.  

So blessed to be a part of Heidi and Josh's unconventional love story and elopement; I loved every moment.