3 Tips to ROCK Your Engagement Shoot!

I am going to share with you a recipe that if done correctly your engagement session will go off without a hitch for both you and your photographer.

Be Comfortable : When you are uncomfortable in front of the camera, it shows BEHIND the camera. To help your session be pleasant, here are a couple of things that I promise will help. Choose your location of the E-session. If it is someplace that is familiar it will help you feel right at home. In some cases that may be your home, back yard, park nearby. If you both enjoy that location as a couple it will make it that much more special looking back at your photos. Choose clothing you know won’t make you self-conscious. We all have those pair of jeans that are not as forgiving around the midsection or you are constantly pulling up with every new pose. During your session, the last thing you want to be doing is constantly adjusting to feel more comfortable. On the same thought as clothing, let’s also address shoes. If you love your heels (a common love affair I share) make sure to pack a pair of flats to help walk from spot to spot. Know what works in your location! Heels are horrible in grassy fields, but in pictures you will work it! If you come prepared your feet won’t be killing you be the end of your session.

Be Confident: The best way to be confident is to be yourself. An Engagement session is all about you and your fiance, there is no one that has the same love story  as you two. Know that when worse comes to worse you will have each other! If all else fails have confidence in your love.

Have Fun: Stepping into a session can be a little awkward at first when you’re letting a stranger take over. Take a deep breath and give the reigns over to the photographer. The moment this is done you will be able to fully enjoy your time with your fiancé. For a lifestyle photographer, it is so important to capture a couple’s natural reactions. Another way to achieve a good time is going into your session with a good attitude and determination of having fun as a couple. Now, I know this sounds really obvious, but when you purpose in your heart to have a fun time, you will! This goes for your fiancé too.

One last tip to help your session run more smoothly, arrive on time. Being respecctful of your photographer's time is important and will help you both to start off on the right foot.

I hope that even in a small way this helps you to get ready for your photos!