Inspired by Sue Bryce | Photography With Soul

For the first time in what feels like the longest time I have not been in any type of schooling. Since I have been free of required learning, I have had the opportunities to explore things that truely spark my curiosity and pursue how to perfect my passions. I am a true believer that once you stop learning you stop growing. 

Through my hunt for knowledge and new techniques, I have been able to find educators that have opened my eyes who teach in my own fields of interest. 


A Photographer/ Educator I follow who truly inspires me is Sue Bryce. She is a portrait photographer who specializes in contemporary portraits. Her portraits are stunning but what really takes me breathe away is Sue's raging passion for her art. Starting out working from her grange in New Zealand to her own studio in Los Angeles, she now travels to teach others how to take control of their business.

I have been blessed listening to her speak through various YouTube videos, facebook live chats, Creative Live courses, and following her progress through social media. She has taught me through conviction and certainty, I can take control of what I want for my business. She inspires me by living her words and showing me through her own work ethic. If you need some personal inspiration, I highly recommend to listen to her wisdom.

(Some inspiration for your Monday <3)