St Paul Public Library Engagement Photography | Callie & Jordan

Callie and Jordan grew up in the same church where Jordan's dad was the pastor of in Hastings, Minnesota. Since they were little Jordan always had a crush on this girl a church pew away. Now fast forward a decade in the future, I get a message from Jordan about him proposing to Callie his plan was on the stone Arch February. My Husband and I are bundled up to the point where only our eyes could be seen. I had asked Jordan to stall because we had taken a last minute wrong turn. So when we finally did get there Jordan and Callie were making every possible stop on this bridge while I am trying to reduce the camera shake from my ice cold hands.  When he proposed she excitedly said yes!  It was so much fun to be with them then and we had just as much fun in the nice and warm summer air for their engagement session! 

During the session there were some posses that I wanted to try that were out of the box but something I really wanted to try and both of them were so open and willing to give it a try. And let's be honest you know you are truly blessed with an awesome couple when after the session everyone agrees to stop for sushi in downtown St. Paul!