Review: Asus ZenWatch 2

Product : Asus Smart Watch ZenWatch 2.

Purpose: Accessiblity to my phone for wedding day timelines, keeping in contact with my brides, and contacting the hubby in a discreet manner that would be professional to clients.

Cost: This watch goes for 150.00. It is on the cheapest end of the branded smartwatches, but I was very pleased with the price point due to the fact that all the other ones have the same functions as mine but double the cost.

I purchased this watch with the hopes that I would be answering texts and calls on the fly for wedding day shooting and I was not disappointed. It is not a necessity, but I still really enjoyed this piece of technology.  

Some aspects of this watch : When I receive a text, call, or notification it sutlially vibrates; It's just enough to get my attentionbut not others. Replying to Text and calls is all through voice command. The watch does have a speaker to hear calls answered through bluetooth to the phone.

The reacth is not far at all. I have found that as long as I am in the same small room with it it will stay connected. 
The watches battery will last all day. I have yet have issue with it going dead unless I forgot to charge ittheday before.
The band's that are available for this particular watch are very limited. The other watch I was looking at was the Motorola 360 gen. 2.

I had fallen in love with the ablility to have access to my phone without constantly taking it out in front of my clients and their guests. I have now used it at both portrait sessions  and weddings and this is what I learned.

1) putting it in my phone helped me reinforce my goals for my shoot. I was able to put it on my phone and look at what ideas I had during the shoot. It was amazing . Easy to look at on the go. With the app that I used it was able to have photos ON THE NOTES and look at the, through my watch. This is something I didn't expect to have but looking at quick reference poses made me feel very prepared to direct my clients. And yes, I did have a note to remind me to have fun!

2) I am able to do a check list. This helped me check off what I needed to do for my timelines and continue on with the right time frames. I found this super helpful on the go.

3) I am able to see how many steps I walk a wedding day. I found this really enjoyable because after a wedding day I feel like I am hit by a bus. It was fun seeing the number of steps I invested into my couple's day!