Wedding Day Tips from Other Vendors Part 1 | Minneapolis Wedding Photographer

Every Tuesday I have been posting tips for all my MW brides to help you build a better wedding experience! As much as I love photography it definitely isn't the only aspect of your wedding day. I know not everyone even knows what to ask their wedding vendors. So I thought I would take that burden off your shoulders and  I reached out to other vendors to get their professional insight! 

I asked each wedding professional this question: What is one thing you want your brides to know on their wedding day?

For makeup: Don't try something new on your wedding day. You want to look like yourself! During your trial don't hesitate to show your artist a picture of how you normally do your makeup.
For hair: Show up with dry hair unless told otherwise. Showing up with wet hair will cause a delay in your time frame. Your artist will have to take the extra time to dry it before styling it. Best way to avoid this is by washing your hair the day before.  -
Heidi Edwards with Makeup and Hair by Heidi 


For your Flowers: My biggest piece of advice is to designate one responsible person to care for the bouquet as the day unfolds. Often times bouquets are left alone, out of water or in the hot sun, after pictures are taken. If you'd like the flowers to retain their color and life, make sure someone is there to keep the blooms in water when not in use. - Lacie Porta with Framed Florals


For your Video: Videographer tip #1: We can only document the wedding that actually happens. What that means is... if you want a joyful, fun film then create a joyful, fun atmosphere and be full of joy and fun! It sounds silly, but it is true. Too often brides have stressful, anxious weddings and expect joyful, fun, beautiful films and it saddens me to know that it will be very difficult to create the film they want. Videographer tip #2: This one is simple. LIGHTING IS EVERYTHING. Feel free to email me about this tip, because I can go into way too much detail here and I cannot tell you how vital this is. Videographer tip #3: You will get what you pay for 99% of the time... please don't go cheap on this incredibly important memory of your wedding day. - John Stambaugh of United Media Collective (


For your Calligrapher: One of the main tips I tell my bridal clients is that calligraphy is not limited to just pen and paper as traditionally thought. Calligraphy is completely versatile and can be done on almost any material imaginable from light bulbs and broken terra cotta pot pieces to marble tile and macaroons. Calligraphers love any opportunity to write on something unique so brides can get as creative as they want with lettering for their wedding. - Kirsten Wong with Cottonwood Print


This is only part 1! Hoping that other vendor will share the love of their experiences so that you can know what to expect for your wedding day!