When To Book Your Engagement Session | For MW Brides | Minneapolis Wedding Photographer

When is the right time to book your engagament photography session? I have got you girl. 

Plan for your favorite season! Up here in Minnesota we have all four seasons! My favorite season is winter. The snow is makes the world magical. Plan on shooting the season you want to be a part of within the year of your wedding. 

historicForestvilleBJ_MWP01 (42).jpg

Many use engagememt photos for their save the dates! To make sure you have plenty of time to shoot the session and your photographer has time to edit to perfection and deliver and then add in the time to order and be delivered. I would suggest to have your engagement session shot 2 months before you plan on sending out your save the dates. That will give you time for all the mentioned process above to take place!

Holly Steve Engagement-Holly Steve-0064.jpg

From a photographers standpoint you want to avoid shooting your session too late in advance. I would suggest having your photos done not later than 2 months before your wedding. This will give you plenty of time to have your photographer shoot and edit and send back your photos. 


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Bearpath Wedding Photography | Hannah & Brandon

Hannah and Brandon's Bearpath wedding was under Electric Lime Photography; she graciously had me along side her to second shoot this fun/loving couple.

70's, sunny, and with a warm breeze going all day made it the perfect day for a wedding. The guys were decorated in a black tux with purple bow-ties with the exception of Brandon in his black bow-tie. As Hannah got into her dress, she was just bursting with joyous excitement.

I LOVED how excited Brandon was to marry Hannah. He couldn't get a smile off of his face even when he tried! Hannah loves the glam so her reception was pretty sparkly! 

Sigma 35 1.4 mm Art Lens Review | Wedding Photographer Review | Photography

As my business has expanded I am lucky enough that my equipment has also expanded to better achieve my photography style. One of those updates was the Sigma 35 Art. Before this lens my main was the 24-70 sigma, but since the new lens came along I have it on my camera 80% of the time.

I love the focal length; it gives more to the surrounds and I don't have to deal with the warp at the edge that I did with the 24-70mm. The warp really came into play with Family Formals and Wedding Party photos.  


The 35mm is sharp as a tack. I really wanted a lens that would capture sharpness at the 1.4 aperture to better suit my style and I feel like I have fulfilled that goal with this lens. 

The focus for my lens is fast. I have had really good luck with my sigma lenses focus. I read a lot of other reviews before purchasing that stated the lens had focusing issues. My lens has been nothing short of amazing and has been my quickest lens focus out of all my lenses which for a wedding day is a must. 

The lense feels heavy duty. Compaired to my Nikon 85 1.8 and 50 1.4 it has more weight and a good feel to it.  

The 35 1.4 mm is not going anywhere and will defiantly be one lens you will not find me without.