Interstate Park | Courtney & Jordan | Minneapolis Wedding Photographer

Courtney and Jordan met online. Courtney had left several messages for Jordan, which he thought it wouldn't hurt to meet with her, as he thought like the others, it wouldn't really work out. While they met at a Chinese restaurant in Uptown that is no longer there, his doubts slowly melted away.

Our first scheduled engagement session was on April 14th which ended up being one of the worst blizzards in recent Minnesota history. So we enjoyed the beautiful weather this past weekend instead! We enjoyed walking around Wisconsin Interstate State Park, a frequent and favorite hiking place for these two.  The rain held off so we could enjoy doing all the awkward things and enjoy the beautiful day!

They decided they needed a weekend away at a familiar place they have relaxed at before. For Courtney's birthday they made their way to Denver, Colorado for a quick celebratory 3 day weekend. Courtney wasn't expecting anything but relaxation. THey stayed at the same hotel that is rumourly haunted and inspired Steven King's famous novel The Shining. As they enjoyed their time they decided to venture out to enjoy the lakes in the surrounding areas. With high winds that day they made several attempts until they finally ended up at Bear Lake. They were pretty much alone with only two skiers watching from a distance when Jordan got down on one knee and proposed. And with cheers from the random onlookers, Courtney said yes!! They are both excited and ready to get married this fall! 

Hudson Engagement Photography | Grace & Ethan | Minneapolis Wedding Photographer

Grace wasn't looking for anything but an enjoyable time when her friend reached out asking her to join the college ultimate frisbe. That is where she first meet Ethan. But it wasn't Gods time for anything more than a budding friendship. They spent more time together when Grace invited a whole group of people to help with a school out reach ministry and like sometimes happens only Ethan showed up.  They had a blast. (Ethan expressed he considers this their first unofficial date)  After a while Ethan started to really take notice of Grace more than just a friend. They had their first date on a hike at Afton State Park with dinner in downtown hudson. After that Grace wasnt so sure if they should have a second date and let Ethan down as nicely as possible . Ethan was hard core friendzoned, but that didnt stop him from keeping a small hope of Grace in his heart. Grace spent that summer in Guam and she honestly thinks God was working in her heart to mold her and shape her heart for the better. After Grace got back to the states and Ethan got his second date!! XD Friend zone officially lifted as they are smiling their way to the aisle in just a short couple of months.

South Carolina Wedding Photography | Christian & Emily | Minneapolis Wedding Photographer

This past weekend my BROTHER GOT MARRIED!!!!!! It was been such a packed week as my whole family packed up and flew to South Carolina to celebrate his wedding. We decided to do a sunrise first look at Pretty Place and I seriously think my heart stopped editing these photos! (Marcus resuscitated me a couple of times so no worries there ;) ) Definitely make it to the end to see these photos YOU WON'T WANT TO MISS THEM.

  Christian and Emily's wedding day welcomed them with a sunny south carolina day! Both laid back and ready to be married the day reflected their happy go lucky attitudes. It was important to them both that the wedding was close to home so what better place than a Emily's childhood home!  The simple backyard wedding fit their hearts desire of just relaxing with family and friends!  Being so close we made our way to furman university for some more room for Wedding party photos and family formals!! Family formals were interesting as my dad just filled his cell phone with ALL the pictures!  We were just joking around with friends in between photos, which is always the best when your surrounded by people that love you.

The day could not have been more beautiful as a whole. Please enjoy their wedding photos!

PS -  A local barn cat just had kittens two weeks ago at their house! The kitten in the photo details was Emily's favorite that she cuddled with to destress from all the last minute wedding planning!