How To Choose Your Wedding Photographer | MW Photography | Minneapolis & St Paul Wedding Photographer


At this point you have man, ring, and the date set! Now you are here trying to figure out what to look for in a photographer. A lot of people search google and pinterest for the top questions to ask each vendor they are considering for their wedding. But here are four tips photographers secretly want you to consider when choosing a wedding photographer!  

1) Love their Style. A photographer's style is something they have worked on and polished to be something that really speaks to them as an artist.  If all the pinerest photos you are pinning are dark and moody but all the photos on your photographers website are light and airy, you are looking into the wrong photographer. Take a good look at the photographer's work and know that is what your wedding photos will look like. If you do not like their style you will not like your wedding photos. At that point it is time to move onto a photographer whose style matches one that speaks to you!

2) Have A Connection - your wedding day should be one of the happiest days of your life! To help you feel comfortable, make sure you have a human connection with your photographer! On your engagement shoot and your wedding day it will feel more like having a friend there with you the  a complete stranger, which will make the day more enjoyable and make you and your groom be more comfortable! 

3) Make sure they are specialized in Weddings. Just like cooking has people specialize in pastries, appetizers, or main courses (anyone else craving a cupcake?) Photographers will have specialties - fashion, food, conceptual, portraits, landscape, urban, new born, and wedding photography. As each style of photographer is a beast of a different nature, it is wise to find a photographer who specializes in weddings. They will know from experience the equipment and skills needed to capture your day completely and know how to hand any problems that pop up. 

4) Have the same photo values.  This is something I do not get asked a lot yet it is so important. When you look back on your wedding photos what are the photos you want the most to have. Each wedding photographer has a part of the day they looooooove shooting over everything else. Is the same piece of the day that you are most excited for match the photographers niche to shoot? My favorite part of the wedding day to shoot is the bride and groom portraits. Bride and groom portraits are seriously the biggest things that drew me to wedding photography and they regularly take me breath away. I want my MW couples to value those portraits as much as I do. 

These are just simple tips to help you choose a photographer that is the perfect fit right for you!