Trying And Failing | House Projects

When Marcus and I were looking for a house one thing we were looking for was one that didn't have a lot of renovations.  I knew we both did not have the experience to make something ourselves with certain things.  When we found OUR house, we could not have been more excited to have a home mostly updated! Little projects here or there need to be done, but we don't have to gut the whole house! SCORE! 

Our master bathroom looks like the 60's that it came from that is why we decided to start there! This past weekend we tied up our shoe laces and tore up the bathroom WALL!  The fun factor was tearing it apart, the scary part was trying to figure out how to make it look pretty after it was torn down!

Being the first time we tiled a wall, we made a couple rookie mistakes. Biggest one we didn't have enough tile and didn't check to make sure it was still in stock. We finished about 3/4 of what we needed and then found out it was a discontinued tile.............Fail.  Poor Marcus was so discouraged by our non-straight lines that he didn't want to go any further. So we decided to reach out to a couple of local professionals for round 2!  Once it is complete I will make sure to do before and afters here!

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