St. Paul Portraits | Katrina Shiri

Katrina is a mother of 2 blonde haired/ blue eyed young boys and a wife to her very tall husband.

She cares for her boys, while also starting a new journey with Origami Owl, a growing jewelry company that uses lockets to tell a story. Even though she is just starting out , I can already tell she loves it. (I bought these BEAUTIFUL earrings from her!) 

Katrina Shiri was a fast friend I made in middle school.  Even though I always thought of her as one of the "cool kids," we ended up bonding over a mutual love of manga. (Japanese comic books) From there it was reading books like Twilight that further strengthened and forever bonded us together.  I will never forget sitting in her room and reading New Moon together. We are states apart now, but our friendship is one that no matter how much time passes or how far apart we are, we still can pick up right were we left off.  In my humble opinion it is one of the best relationships a girl can have.

I am so grateful for such a beautiful friend both inside and out! (And pretty sassy too ;) )

Happy Monday!