First Easter In Our New Home

For the first time we are hosting Easter at our house! Both of my parents have decided to be in Greenville packing up my little brother Christian as he is graduating in just a few weeks!!  Traditional it is at my folks house but since that didn't look like that was an option, we invited everyone else to our house! 
One thing I love about out place is that we actually have enough room to host our friends and family; it really has been a big blessing to have that space to make those memories! 

After a beautiful church service celebrating and singing our heart out, everyone joined us  at our house for some fellowship and banana cream pie.  Although the sun was shinning we determined it was still a little too chilly to eat on the porch so we ate inside. Grandma made ham and we got to use our electric knife (from our wedding) for the first time! 
After lunch Marcus and I played Summer and Jenny (two of my sisters) in one of Jenny's newer games - Ticket to Ride. We both really like it! We all played while consuming hot chocolate with homemade whipped cream and Starburst Jellybeans ( One of my favorite things about Easter are the Jellybeans). Jenny ended up being the final winner! 

All in all It was a good happy Easter!