Riverview Vineyard Wedding Photography | Amara & Matt Olson

I was so blessed to have worked with such two lovely peope, as Matt and Amara. 

Their day was sunny and bright like their love for one another. Matt & Amara are highschool Sweethearts, who have been together through all the ackward & confusing stages that life offers. Through call the changing things around them, one thing did not change; they both came out saying to each other, you're the one I choose. Once you find the one person you purpose in your heart to be with every love song makes sense. They displayed their love publically with family and friends around at the hilly Riverview Vineyard and Winery. Now both Matt and Amara had larger families than I realized. Most of Amara's bridal party was her sisters. And although I later heard them all deny it I caught a photo of almost all of them brushing away tears while this bride walked down the ailse. The Camera doesn't  lie ladies!  But that's ok they were all happy tears from everyone that day!  Congratulations to a new chapter for this bride and groom! I pray you always stay oncloudolson!