A little bit of here and now

The purpose of this post is to let you guys know a little more about me and my family.

Marcus and I were recently married so this last holiday was our first Christmas together!  We had a fun time hunting down a “our first Christmas” ornament. There was not that big of selection as I originally thought there would be. The ones at Hallmark look like a little kid made it in Sunday school class with anticipation on giving it to their unenthusiastic parent. Anyway, we did end up getting ours from Lowe’s of all places. It was cute and metal which was what we were looking for so that it would be able to last over the years. Marcus and I over the years have accumulated mugs from different event of our lives. Some of them have been from places we have visited (Grand Canyon, Bahamas, Arizona) and others have been things that we like (police, Starbucks, caribou, snowmen). This Christmas I decided to get Marcus a large white Dunder Mifflin mug from his favorite TV show The Office. Well when we exchanged gifts we ended up adding 6 mugs to our growing collection. Having so many mugs just makes it harder to decide which one to pick to drink my morning coffee out of.  My favorite one was with a Black cat from one of my favorite Japanese Animation movies, Kiki’s Delivery Service.  Another part of our first Christmas that for me was nonnegotiable for me was we needed to get a real Christmas tree to be a complete Christmas. Marcus has had a fake tree his whole life and I just don't know how he could handle it.  There is this tree farm about two hours north of our house that we were able to choose and cut down our own! Marcus cut ours down this year. I am so proud of him!

 Even though our marriage has been short (so far) it has been wonderful. Marcus really is the man of my dreams and I love the way he laughs when he finds something really funny which majority of the time is either from Will Ferrell or from The  Office. We are humans to two cats. I am Pepper’s human; she is the most loving little thing and sooo fluffy. I  cannot help but be giddy whenever she decides to sit in my lap of her own free will! Marcus is Willow’s human, she is also mother to my Pepper. Willow is honestly one of the cuddliest cats I have ever meet in my life. We have the same desire in life, we just want to be loved and cuddled with. Thankfully she shares Marcus with me.

Pepper is my little black kitten and Willow is our grey little mamma.