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Minnesota State Fair | Personal

It is no secret that I love the Minnesota State Fair; it holds a love in my heart. A lot of the things in my life that I love are thanks to my Grandma Gertie.  Her love for events like the state fair was so infectious that it is still strong in my family today. Last year I told you the top 3 fair food musts, this year I wanted to tell you some new things I experienced .  


This was the first year that my first nephew came to the state fair. Now I know what your think, " Molly isn't he only 3 weeks old?!" Why, yes, he is and he was passed out for majority of it from all the excitement; he handled like a champ.
The weather this year is hitting Minnesota Records as the coolest state fair with temperatures only reaching mid 70's. It is a weird experience where I am not dieing of heat by the end of the afternoon, but I have to say it was a nice experience. I highly doubt it will ever happen again, but still a new one for me.
The days I went this year were slower days causing there to be not as many people, which made the next thing a lot easier. My mom recently has been having big issues with her knee, so this year she walked for the first two hours and then rented a wheel chair. The only reason she didn't get the scooter is because of the price. ( half day wheelchair $20 | Scooter Half day $40/full day $60) I had a lot of fun rolling my mom around; people generally tried to stay out of our way so they didn't get cut down by the extended feet. There were only two casualties, which I think made for a very successful venture.


Marcus and I have one more day planned for the our state fair 2017. That is one of my favorite parts about the Minnesota State Fair, I can go multiple times and do something different every time. This year they have a new Cricket Ferris Wheel; that is my last thing I am going to try this year! I might have to force Marcus it since he is afraid of heights. I will keep you updated.  

Fourth of July | Cause You're A Firework

Along with many of my fellow Americans, Marcus and I spent the day on the boat with the sun beating down and the smell of sunscreen in the air. 

Every year we spend the our Independence day with the Waits clan on the Saint Croix River, which borders Minnesota and Wisconsin. After a long day lounging in the sun with good conversation we headed to Stillwater Marina for the annual firework show! The larger fireworks were so loud they could restart your heart and they set off several car alarms.  Overall, It was definately a successful Independence day! 

2016 Goals | Where I am Trying to Go

Oh, Monday, we meet again.

This weekend with a balmy 50 degree February day, reminded me that spring is quickly approaching here in Minnesota. Spring is a symbol of growth,which had me considering what growth I wanted in my own life/ business.  To help me with a little accountability i decided to share with you. :)
In 2016...

I want to learn Marketing. Marketing is something that is so important in business and I know so little about!
I want to create a bridal book for my brides. To be able to prepare my bride will help communication and understanding, which I think is important to nurture the relationship between me and my lovely couples.
I want to network with other creatives. I have already meet some awesome people, Cassie with Narrow Leaf Photography,  Amy with Amy Mae Photography, Jessica Wonders with Jessica Wonders Events, and I am looking forward to continuing reaching out and meeting others who are just as passionate about things they love! (Check out their stuff, seriously, amazing)
I want to shoot a styled shoot. This was one goal I had set for myself and I am excited to say I achieved it! It all happened a lot quicker than I anticipated but holy moly, I loved it.
I want to grow in my social media. There are so many different outlets to reach people! My goal is to be able to reach my ideal bride and groom who want to enjoy an adventurous wedding day as much as I do!
I want to plan out my blog posts. Once a procrastinator always fighting against being a procrastinator. I really want to work on planning out my blog posts this year ahead of time .  I am researching methods that I will be trying to implement in my business. (Any suggestions? =P.)

I hope your Monday is wonderful and I hope your goals for 2016 are accomplished!