Interlachen Wedding Photography | Jenny & Max

This wedding I was able to shoot along side Gina Zeilder Photography. 

Sooooo much about this wedding was just amazing!! The day started with Jenny fitting in her dress and wearing it like it was tailor made for her. She wore it with such grace and elegance it had me giddy all day. I was able to witness my first Ebeneezer rock ceremony where all the guests were given a rock to place into a nest in front of the couple during the ceremony. Max the groom was a complete goof ball which kept jenny laughing. They got married at the church that Jenny grew up going to which had the most beautiful large windows. One of my favorite parts happened when we got back to the reception at Interlachen Country Club. Jenny and Max had a couple of minutes where each person in the wedding party had GIANT balloons and the couple ran through them. What resulted was just magic!  

Max and Jenny decided to play games during the reception- one was the shoe game where the bride and groom had one of their shoes and raise the shoe on who they thought best described the question. The guests got a jenny on a stick or a max on a stick like at the Minnesota state fair and they raised which they though suited best. Another game was who has experienced as much as the bride and groom. Have you done this type game and if you haven't you have to sit down.  

Jenny's grandparents are of Norwegian descent so they had a Norwegian layered cake to honor them. Tradition goes that the bride and groom should put their figures into the top and however many rings come out when they pulled up that is how many children they will have. So you can understand grandma was pretty upset when only one ring came up. And she gave her blessing that they need to have more than one child.  

This was such a beautiful wedding and  I was so honored to be a part of capturing it. One thing i hope to do again is the balloon exit!!