Being Content | Heart Struggles

At the top of this I wanted to put "my new addition" but I worried that my mother would take that in a completely different direction than intended!

Some background, I have been eyeing a lens for a while, while hearing rave reviews on the sharpness of this fantastic lens! I kept catching my heart turning different shades of green from envy. God used my realization to remind me I need to not be so focused on things someone may have that I don't have, but be content with what I do. He again showed me I have not be forgotten and I have all I need.

As God has been pressing on my heart, I finally came to the moment I listened, and gave thanks for what I do have. When that time came, the Lord gave me the desires of my heart by giving me the opportunity to get the Sigma lens. A couple of weeks ago I excitedly came across a Sigma 35mm 1.4 and I was able to purchase it. I am honestly so thankful how this all worked out that I wanted to share joy over getting this lens!