Drugan's Castle Mound Country Club Wedding Photography | Ethan & Katelyn | Minneapolis Wedding Photographer

Ethan and Katelyn got married last Friday at Drugan castle mound Golf Course.  It was a beautiful breezy fall day, perfect for a September wedding. Although nerves were high (Ethan revealed that he had hardly slept the last two days) Katelyn and Ethan surrounded themselves with people who loved them. As Katelyn got zipped up into her dress her bridesmaids were all smiles, excited and in awe of Katelyn's beauty. (But who wasn't the whole day?!)
The wedding party reflected the changing trees in bright orange, white and grey, which set off the festive feel for the day! As the ceremony began and the bride was walking up with her father on one arm, Katelyn only had eyes for Ethan. The officiant shared that their union was a symbol of Christ and the church. As a nod to Ethan's heritage, they bound their hands together. When the pastor mentioned that they are holding the hand of their best friend, that was the point where I lost it!  It was a beautiful ceremony! After the ceremony the bride and groom wanted to make sure to thank every one who came in person. As they thanked their guests, Katelyn was a little cold (the day was sunny but in the shade there was a cooler fall breeze). Someone offered to get her a shawl but I think one of the bridesmaids said it best - " Katelyn doesn't need a shawl! She has a husband for that now!!"

The reception was laid back with a social dinner; the bride and groom went from table to table making sure to talk to everyone who made the trip out.  Thankfully the whole wedding day happened without a single problem ( besides one busted zipper at the reception, because there is always one thing ), but even if it had I don't think it would have distracted these two lovebirds from each other anyway. Congratulations to Katelyn and Ethan!!