How to Prepare for Your Winter Engagement Session


Coming off of Christmas with shinny bling on your ring figure? With the pure excitement of the love of your life promising forever and a wedding on the horizon this summer, I wanted to share with you tips as you begin planing for your winter engagement session. 
A couple of weeks ago I had a brave couple who ROCKED their session. But here's the thing it was -12 degrees (Not including the wind chill). We planned on having a warm place to sit and literally thaw out. There was a local Dun Brothers that was willing for us to spend some time in their cute shop downtown before we went back out for photos. I wanted to share with you somethings to help you stay warm during your own winter engagement shoot!!

Plan on wearing layers. Layers will help you feel cozy and make you more comfortable as you and your love bear the cold together.

Bring a big jacket to wear in between locations. During your session there will be some down time when you and your photographer are walking around going from spot to spot. During this time having jacket that will give you the extra warmth you need will keep your engagement session more enjoyable. It will be easy to take off once the photos start clicking.

Pack something warm to hold in between. Bring hand warmers to sneak into your gloves or bring some hot coffee or hot chocolate to hold onto. It will add a little bit of fun detail to your session but also keep you warm.

Plan for the cold, embrace these tips to make your winter session more enjoyable by staying warmer!