Lebanon Hills Park Engagement Photography | Katelyn & Ethan

Katelyn and Ethan meet through various lunches with mutual friends at Marantha Baptist University! It took some smooth moves but Ethan eventually asked for Katelyn's number.  After talking and getting to know each other Ethan came to realize that he was enjoying his time with Katelyn more and more. He chalks it up to witchcraft! 

 During their last Christmas break, Ethan was visiting Katelyn. Not only would they be celebrating Katelyn's Birthday (Dec. 31st) but also their 1 year anniversary! (Jan.1st) Between Christmas and new years Riverside Park in La crosse, WI annually hosts a large Christmas display. Due to Katelyn's strong love of Christmas lights, they decided they would go on her birthday! In the warm glow of twinkle lights, they walked around reminiscing over their favorite parts of the year. As midnight approached they made their way over to the light house display ( Katelyn loves lighthouses). The clock was just about to welcome a new year, when Ethan got down on one knee and asked Katelyn to marry him. Katelyn said "he timed it just right so he could tell people he had to wait until the next year for his answer!"  She of course said yes!

They are looking forward to a fall wedding this year! Until then please enjoy Katelyn and Ethan's sun soaked engagement session at Lebanon Hills Regional Park!!!