Setting Time Aside for Sunset Portraits | St Paul & Minneapolis Wedding Photographer | For the Bride

At the end of your wedding day you're finally married! As you are starting the reception with your friends and family, you have a little time to eat.  Once you have eaten and hydrated, I encourage you to set aside some 10 - 15 minutes for sunset portraits. Sunset will bring a close to one of the most adventurous days of your life and it also has the mostbeautiful light of the day that really cannot compare to anything else. (Besides sunrise ) At this point all your posed photos are done and I know you are excited to start the dance party! Before the big party grab your new spouse and photographer, put on your sneaky ninja shoes, dodge your guests, and book it out the door for the first photos where you are husband and wife. (People will congratulate you all night long if you let them! Take the back door if you need to!) Even if the sun does not shine on your day, take those few stolen minutes to spend with your new hubby and talk about the day. (With your photographer creeping at a distance)
I highly encourage ( if you haven't gathered that yet) all my MW couples to save at least 15 - 20 minutes from their reception for your first intimate portraits as husband and wife.