Horror Movies Perfect before Halloween | Personal

My stress reliever for as long as I can remember has been movies; one of the many genres that Marcus and I share a love for is horror.

I think horror movies have a part of the imagination of the unknown that I find captivating. I love feeling my heart race from not knowing what happens next. I know I am looking at someones dark imagination the same way you look at my imagination when looking at my photos! I think knowing that it doesn't bother my as much as other people. 

 This Halloween we have been impatiently waiting for Stranger Things Season 2. To build on my excitement for the new season (available on Netflix tomorrow!!!) I downloaded and played the game available in the app store! I loved it! If you need me this weekend I will be indisposed on the couch cuddling with Marcus binge watching Netflix.

If you are a fellow lover of horror movies and are looking for some to I spire you for Halloween this year, here are a couple of my favorites : The Conjuring Series, The Insidious Series, The Annabelle series - ( Ghost/Demons)/ 28 days later, Train to Busan, ZResort -(Zombies) / IT (2017), The Descent -creatures.

Do you have any suggestions what our next watch should be? Leave a commit below and I will check it out! 

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