Family Update | My Sister Summer and Nephew Benjamin After the Accident

My sister Summer and her baby boy Benjamin were in a pretty severe car accident a couple of weeks ago. Summer was T-boned with the other car going about 75 miles per hour. It was a pretty scary day for my family as we rushed to the hospital on hearing the news. It is not really a message you ever want to receive and I honestly can't focus on what COULD have happened because it brings me to tears every time. No need to think on it because God decided to let Summer and Baby come away from the accident alive. Although Benjamin is a little more crabby in his new car seat, he was otherwise miraculously unharmed in the crash. Summer didn't make it out as well. She was cut out of the car and rushed to the hospital with cuts, bruises, a concussion, and a broken pelvis. The last couple of weeks have been forced time to rest and contemplate. With the help of her physical therapist she is walking with the help of a walker. Last week she got the great news that she healing nicely and will not need surgery for her hip. Praise the Lord!  Summer is still at the point in healing where she can't pick Benjamin up on her own, so our family is trying to fill in as baby movers and caretakers.  

If you can, please keep Summer's healing in your prayers. Court hearings start next week and Summer is still not sure if she will physically go or not. It is weighing heavily on her heart.  Thank you to all who have already sent words of prayer, love, and encouragement to my family.  They have been a blessing at this time.  

You can read about the incident here: