Simplifying A Wedding Day Timeline

Last week we hit on why Wedding Day Timeline lines are so important; today I am going to walk through on how to make a timeline for your upcoming nuptials!

Starting off you want to group together the sections of your day. Once they are grouped you will then be able to place them in the order of time you want them to unfold for the wedding day! Majority of the time with wedding day follows this pattern : getting ready, First Look, wedding party photos/ family formals, ceremony, reception, and then the rest of your life!

Realistic Expectations: Know the travel time from point A to point B: One of the biggest helps will be Google maps to help you estimate travel time in between destinations . Once you factor it in it will help keep a realistic timeline, and don't forget to anticipate traffic for your travels.

Getting Ready

Getting ready can seem like a big chunk of time but you need to factor in how long your hair will take (a trail run beforehand makes it a little easier to know the duration), makeup to be put on, and your fabulous bridesmaids will also be there getting their hair and makeup! It's your wedding day ! Let yourself get pampered and enjoy your time with your girls. This will also be the time the groom and his groomsmen are getting ready and hanging out! Est. Time 1-2 hrs  Vendors : Hair, Makeup, Photographer

Realistic Expectations: If you want photos of both groom/groomsmen and Bride/ bridesmaids getting ready for a rocking storytelling album,consider having both of you get ready at the same venue. If both parties are not getting ready at the same area the photographer won't be able to get all the details of both parties. 

First Look

A First Look is when the bride and groom see each other before the ceremony. This is one of my personal favorite and a little bit away from the traditional approach. It is a intimate moment for both the bride and groom to get the jitters out and really get to admire each other, just a little piece of time for just you two. As your photographer, this is the point we would take some portraits of just the bride and groom, when both of you are fresh from the day. Est. Time: 30 minutes Vendors: Photographer, Florist

Realistic Expectations: Be ready to be perfect for the big reveal, don't forget the bouquet or boutonniere so your fiance can see the completed look. Maybe bring a small tissue just in case you need to save some of you makeup!

Wedding Party/ Family Formals

It is your wedding day and your friends and family are ready to party! With all that excitement it will be a party to range everyone in for formal photos. One thing to make this transition go smoothly is to have a shot list for your family photos for your photographer to be as quick as possible so you can spend your day enjoying it with your wedding parties! Make sure to talk to your photographer about the time they will need to make sure to get everything. Est. Time: 1-1:30 hour and minutes Vendors: Photographer, Venue, Florist Depending on your photographer (MW Photography averages : 30 minutes per group- wedding party, family, and bride and groom portraits )

Realistic Expectations: A shot list will help your photographer keep the day flowing, but , be sure everyone knows not to wander. Nothing holds up photos more than missing people. For Summer weddings it can also get pretty hot outside, if the venue allows have a place where you family can wait comfortably while the photos are being shot. And make sure to have cold beverages available!


I put this in here because after all the excitement of the morning it is a good idea to have a little bit of time to eat some food and rehydrate. Giving yourself and your bridal party some time to chillax before the ceremony makes it so you are not so tuckered out before the ceremony.
Est. Time: 30 minutes to 1 hr. Vendors: none

Realistic Expectations : at this point in the day you will be tired, even if you think your not hungry have a small snack available to keep you energy up. Time crunches are one of the most stressful parts of the wedding day. Avoid it all together by securing a time where you can sit down for a couple of minutes and relax. 


To the main event! To properly estimate your ceremony time make sure to talk to you officiant! All ceremony are different depending on what is important to you and your family. Take a deep breath and enjoy as you both declare your love and become one. 
Est. Time: 30 minutes- 2hrs.  Vendors: Officiant, Venue, Photographer

Realistic Expectations : Weather is a brides oldest enemy, if your ceremony is outdoors make sure to have a plan B. Always dreamed of those sunset wedding photos of you and your groom? Make sure to know when the sun will set during your day; you won't be able to get sunset photos if your ceremony takes place after the sun sets.


At this point your whole day will have felt like it has flown by, but now is the point where your guest will come up and congratulate you and your new spouse.  Looking at eating and dancing the night away this is the section where you truly get to celebrate your new marriage . 
Est. Time :2-4 hrs Vendors: Venue, Caterers, Dj/Band, Bakery, Photographer

Realistic Expectations: Those shoes you just couldn't get married without are now killing your feet. Try to purchase an extra pair of shoes for dancing, something comfy to support your tired feet.  Break down the reception list to your photographer, so nothing is a surprise  and everything is captured that you worked so hard to put together.


I know this is a little bit of a longer post but I hope that it helps you plan properly your day!