Finding my style | How I Shoot | MW Photography

This year I really wanted to improve on my skills and hone down on who I was as a photographer . starting out photographer I just wanted to shoot anything and everything that came my way. Before I really took a step towards starting my own business i would bring my camera to everything in hopes of capturing memories of my small life . One thing that really bummed me out was shooting these events, loving my photos and then safely transfer them to my hard drive where they just sat there.... And stayed there not ever getting seen by anyone but myself . now don't get me wrong I don't need a pat on the back for ever piece of my work but I enjoy my photos being used for something or by somebody. This desire really took shape through yearbook in high school and then my college newspaper, the Collegian . It was nice having my art and my perception of an event being used and being seen. After my schooling, I still wanted to have the opportunity of displaying my work. 

My schooling was done, but I was able to intern through a local wedding photographer, Justin Mark Photography (Check out his work! for real) I was able to learn so much under his teachings. I had never considered shooting weddings until I gave my whole summer shooting them. I loved shooting these weddings. 

One thing that I personally really struggled with was not being good enough with manipulating a photo to make it conceptual or fine art. Some people have these amazing talents in doing these type of photos. I tried time and time again and just couldn't get there.

Then comes along Creative lives- J* 30 day boot camp. If you have never looked at her work or blog, I highly suggest it. She is one of the top wedding photographers in the industry, but her personality makes you feel like you have been one of her best friends for years!  Not gonna lie, I definitely have  a girl crush but once you see her in action you will understand. For any of you  movie lovers out there, she is my Julia from Julie & Julia, metaphorical pearls and all! 

 Anywho, one of her days was defining your style. For a while, I didn't know that there were so many styles out there. I never even thought about my photography that way. Some styles that I knew of was Photojournalism, Fine Art, Commercial, Concept.
During her lesson I felt a hunger for ever word she was saying.  The thing that stuck out to me the most, " It's ok to say this is what I want, this is what I am, and this is what I do." Hearing that was like hearing it was ok to be just me.  I just sat in my office cubical, and just took a deep sigh of relief. I can't be something I am not.  As the class went on I was able to find what my photography was and I was finally able to label my photography as Lifestyle photography. Having that in my mind for shooting and posing and editing has really helped me know where I am and know where I need to improve. But I know where I am - I am a Lifestyle Photographer based in the Twin Cities in my beautiful state of Minnesota. And I love it.