Pinstripes Wedding Photography | Haley & Jared

My first wedding of 2017 started off the season second shooting with Morning Light Photography. Hannah had reacted out and invited me to shoot this wedding with her and am I glad I did! When the day started and we were getting ready for the first look, I gave Jared a heads up- Haley was gorgeous. Jared replied he knew she would be and commented on how his heart was fluttering like a duck. He enjoyed showing off his new watch he received that morning from his bride. We all admired it together and how well it went with his suit and shoes.
One thing I never saw leave on this day was a smile from Haley's face. The forecast has called for sunny skies but instead we were greeted with wind and grey clouds, which helped keep the heat of running around at a low!
Jared and Haley decided to have their wedding at Pinstripes in Edina; to my surprise it was a beautiful space it filled with windows and natural light! In this space they had the upstairs all to themselves which included 1 bowling alley, 3 spaces for boccie ball, full serviced bar, outdoor patio with fire-pit and a ballroom for the reception and ceremony.
One of my favorite parts of the ceremony was when the officiant asked for the rings, as the best man was struggling to get the rings from his pockets the Ring bearer came up with his pillow determined that Haley had her rings! It was the CUTEST thing I have seen a ring bearer do. He will make a great man if he keeps that giving spirit. 

Over all Haley and Jared's day was filled with fun and laughter and I wish all the best to these two love birds and hope they fully enjoy their time in Jamaica!