5 Tips for Your Getting Ready Room | Minneapolis & St Paul Wedding Photographer | For The Bride

Hey Beautiful! I know at this point your well on your way to planning through your wedding day, trying to make each part unique to your vision.  To start the day off, you are imagining yourself with your girls getting ready and jamming out to your favorite tunes. I gathered some tips to help you choose your location in the morning that will help make your getting ready photos fabulous. 

 1. Choose a location with lots of natural light. Having proper window light in the room makes photographing it so much easier. It evens out the light on your skin and can give a more dramatic look with the lights and shadows. The light on your face becomes more evening making any overhead yellow lighting disappear and can save you from harsh shades from overhead lighting. This is one of my stables for getting ready photos!


2.  Choose a spacious location.  Having bigger room to get ready in makes for easier mobility for everyone in the group. It also benefits when taking your photos because you can have a corner with all your stuff and the other corner cleaned up for photos!  Having a large getting-ready room is a luxury, I know, but think about how many people will be in your getting ready room overall, just you and your bridesmaids? Nope! You will also have your makeup artists, hair stylist, your photographer and cinematographer. Don't forget about your family.  They really start to add up! 


3. Choose a location personal to you.  Having the location at your home or apartment showcases more of your personality! It gives your photos a personal touch of your life and lifestyle with your room, your photos on the walls. I love shooting in this kind of enviroment because it also helps your be more relaxed durning the morning process.

20160820SS St Olaf Wedding28.jpg

4. Choosing on-location room will eliminate travel time. If you are planning on cramming a lot of things in a short amount of time, a getting-ready room at your ceremony location would be ideal. It  helps keep travel times to a minimum on your timeline and you will not have to worry about traffic or unforeseen issues on the roads. It will also give you the opportunity to start on your photos immediately while incorporating your ceremony location in your photos!

5. Choosing the same location as your groom gives you more photos of both of you getting ready. Having your bridal ready room in the same hotel or house as your groom gives your photographers the opportunity to go back and forth between your rooms. Your wedding day gallery will have both sides documented.  If you are considering an album, this option would be ideal to capture the complete story of your wedding day. it will also give you the opportunity to immiduately jump into first look photos once you are all dolled up and ready to go!