A Thank You to my Couples from 2016 | Thursday Thoughts

2016 weddings have now come to a close! This year has been wonderful. I worked with some AMAZING couples who have just blown me away. I am still growing as a person. I am still growing as a business. And with everything that has transpired this year it has felt like a giant step in the right direction on achieving my personal& business goals. I have adventured with my ideal brides more this year than any other. Some of my favorite grooms have come from this years weddings. I have loved shooting some party hardy wedding parties at the most lovely venues. It makes me that much more excited for my adventurous couples for 2017! 

To all the wonderful couples I have photographed this year:
I have been truly blessed in serving you and capturing a small piece of your love story. Thank you for letting me in your life, meet your families, and dance with you while capturing your sick dance moves on the dance floor. I pray that your first year of marriage is filled with true joy and happiness.

Thank you for trusting me as your photographer.

Love Always,