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Personalized Stemless Wine Cup | Bridesmaids Gift Boutique | Product Review

Hey Brides! So you know in the morning of your wedding day you are excited and sipping on your mimosa surround by your best friends while you get dolled up and glamorous for your WEDDING DAY!

Wedding days are magnets for things going wrong even for the most proactive brides, but you spilling any party drinks doesn't have to be one of them! I was sent these cute personalized stemless wine cup by Bridesmaids Gift Boutique because they wanted to get the word out about this adorable gift for your girls.

Personalized Stemless Wine Cups

First off these cups are super cute. I love the black and rose gold color scheme which I think has a fun modern feel. But they have a couple of other colors available on their site if you want to represent your wedding colors. If you want to gift it to your Bride tribe for the day of, you can choose an option of your girls initials or their full name!

I am a drink spiller. No matter how hard I try it is deeply engraved into who I am. This cup has a lid and straw which makes my spills not end up all over my outfit, which is a huge bonus.

Bridesmaids Gift Boutique Cup Review

The label raves it keeps things hot for 3 hours and cold for 9 hours. I tested both and this is what I found out! It keep the hot liquids hot and the cold liquids cold for hours!

This cup will be a cute wedding day gift for any bride and bridesmaids looking to have a good time in the mornings or even the reception!

Wedding Reception Centerpiece Inspirations for the Bride | Bride Inspirations

I LOVE reception details! And I know I can't be the only one.  So for those who are looking for a little reception centerpiece inspiration for their own wedding please enjoy the combination of centerpieces I have shot with some amazing brides. Some are simply sweet and others are more detailed galore but they all fit the bride's style!
Comment and tell me your favorites below!

When is the right time to book your wedding photographer

Planning your wedding takes serious skill. It comes naturally for some and not so naturally for others. When it comes to booking your photographer there are just a couple of things you need to already have planned and executed. At the top of your wedding planning list (and I think the MOST important) you have the man. Check ✔. The wedding date will need to be nailed down. so you can check off the next thing. You have your dream venue. Check ✔. The next thing you will want to book is your dream photographer. When you book majority of professional photographers will save a deposit on your wedding date but the price may very based off location! So make sure you have your wedding venue booked before sending off the inquiry with your dream photographer.

Mens Wedding Gift Watch

Most photographers book 1 year in advance. So if you find the photographer that is the right fit for you in both personality and photographic style you better message that photographer quick before someone else gets your day!

It is really that easy just those three things will need to be completed before reaching out to your photographer.   Popular months that book up fast are July - September.  You can wait longer, but that just leaves to chance that another bride might books with them.

I hope this helps make a small piece of your wedding planning easier!