My Work Space | Where I Edit Your Photos

So another photographer I follow has been really killing it with "getting to know your photographer" section on her blog. It has been so much fun learning more about her as a person. Well, she inspired me to do my best at showing a little behind the camera action on my end!
Starting off, I wanted to share where the magic happens. ;) 

My desk has be something that I have been blessed to be able to put together! My hubby surprised me for Christmas with a desk and a chair and a computer; it really made me feel completely spoiled. This is the first time I have ever had a corner just for my Photography! It makes me want to jump for joy every time I think about it and I know my cats are very appreciative of a new comfy spot to lay in the sun. I had been looking at pinterest for inspiration, which was great but I love how I made it really my own!

I would love to see where you work too leave a link in the comments if you are willing to share!