First Baptist Church Wedding Photography | Jaclyn & David | Rosemount, MN

Jaclyn and David meet in West Coast Baptist College. David was the first to take notice when he happened to hold the door open for Jaclyn towards the beginning of the school year. As the school year passed Jaclyn ended up going solo at a luau party;  a whole coconut was the party favor and another party goer dared her to eat it raw.  Being a Minnesota girl, Jackie had no clue how to open this coconut, but along came David who took it and smashed it on the ground. Needless to say Jackie was very impressed with his coconut crushing skills. The coconut was not the only thing crushing because it was not a couple of weeks later, with a whole group of guys helped wingmaned David into bring donuts for Jaclyn. After several attempts they finally officially meet and started talking. 

After dating through school and falling completely smitten for each other, It was one trip to david's home where he proposed. The first day of the trip, they went for a long walk just the two of them. David surprised Jaclyn with a small music box. Jaclyn not expecting this particular gift started gushing over it,but David wasn't done. That was when he got down on one knee and asked Jaclyn to be his bride. And what a beautiful bride she would be.

Now bring you to the present! Their wedding day was beautiful and joyful! They celebrated surrounded by friends and family; the Boyers wanted everyone to know that their marriage was a symbol of their relationship with Christ. It is something truly beautiful.  Enjoy this video of highlights of their day!