Looking back on 2016 Goals | Minneapolis Wedding Photographer

In 2016 I made goals for my business. They were not big picture goals but new things I wanted to try.  Looking back I think I took big steps with hopes to make the MW Experience for my couples even better.

As a reminder these where the goals: I want to learn Marketing | I want to create a bridal book for my brides | I want to network with other creatives | I want to shoot a styled shoot | I want to grow in my social media | I want to plan out my blog posts

The goals I accomplished this year were: networking with other creatives through outlets like Rising Tide's Tuesdays Together in Minneapolis and coffee dates at Caribou Coffee. I shot my first styled shoot and had it published by Ruffled!!! I was so excited that others loved this shoot as much as I did. I grew and refined my social media to only facebook & instagram on recommendation by a social media expert. I do not regret my decision at all!  What I feel was my favorite think, I am SO excited to say I FINALLY finished my bridal book!!!!!!!  It took a couple of months and some hard work, but I loved how it turned out. My bridal book is a pdf book for my MW brides that will help them know what to expect and how to plan for their wedding day from my experiences as a wedding photographer. 

The goals I struggled with were learning marketing to the extent I wanted to. I took a couple of classes regarding this and they did help but I wanted to go deeper.
I really failed beautifully at planning out blog posts this year. It was a matter of laziness that I could have done better. I will continue to improve next year!

I plan on sharing my 2017 goals in a couple of weeks ( working on that planning ;) ). I hope these help inspire you to take steps for your own goals.