McNara Alumni Center Wedding Photography | Rachel & Alex

This wedding was a Grace V. Wedding. The heavens opened and the rains came down hard, but that did not drown the excitement Alex and Rachel had for their wedding day! They meet durning college at the university of Minnesota while living in the same building and mutual friends. So having their wedding at the same college they meet at was the perfect fit for them! Both the ceremony and the reception took place at the McNara Alumini Center, which was acticuarlly GORGEOUS! 

This has been a very busy time for these two! Within the last two months Alex graduated with his doctorit from the u of m, married his best friend, and accepted a position at Mayo Clinic, and moving to rochester! His dad joked that they were doing more in two months than a normal person does in 2 years!  

One of my favorite parts of the day took place at the reception. When Rachel and Alex first meet and started talking, a friend of Rachel's declared they were going to get married right then  and there . Rachel not a believer at that time agreed that if by some miracle it did happen the friend would get a gift for being right. Years later Rachel and Alex has a gift for this friend for being right!  

There was a slight opening when the rain stopped and we quickly rushed these two outside for 20 minutes without rain, which turned into some of my favorite photos! Please enjoy!