2017 Photographer's Goals | MW Photography

  Looking forward to 2017 I have decided to refine some goals and strive to do others. For my business in 2017 :

• I want to do a FB live 1x month - the purpose of these clips will be to start small videos with helpful information to plan out their wedding experiences.

• I want to add a professional video to my website - not only do I think a video would be cool, but I also believe that it will a personal touch from myself for my ideal brides!

• I want to do a networking outing once a month/ one with creatives one with personal interests - this one is more refined of a goal I hard last year. It is easy for my to curl up on a couch and not have any contact with the outside world. This goal will help me have a reason to look outside of my own comfort zone and meet new people with the same passions and interests as me!

•I also want to be more authentic to my Brides. I am so excited for this year. My focus is shifting to try and make more VALUED content to help my MW Brides prepare for there wedding adventure!

I can't wait to start! 

Photo by Amy Mae Photography