K & J Catering Wedding Photography | Rose & Zack Andrist

Both parties got ready at the Sheraton in Woodbury.  With club access, we all enjoyed hotel rooms with space for everyone to get dolled up for the day! Rose’s daughter Scout and her cousins stayed occupied by watching cartoon videos on shared cell phones.  Everyone looked so lovely as we exited to the beautiful day outside for group photos in front of the fountain!

Everyone headed over to K&J Catering in North St. Paul for the Zack was excited to be able to share his wedding day with all his old friends from home! Rose was faced with the wedding day jitters, but once the time came she was a stunning bride as she walked down the aisle with her dad leading her on her arm.  Zack was able to see his bride for the first as she made her way down the aisle being led by her father on her arm.
 As they vowed to always try to be interested in Rose’s love for Anime and Zack’s Passion for sports, they entrusted in one another to choose to always love.  As their friends and family watched they then became husband and wife!

During the start of dancing, Rose and her Father shook up the dance floor with their rock star move. Everyone could tell that they were both just having a blast. Next came the dollar dances; lines on each side grew to buy a dance with the bride or the groom. After about 20 minutes, Zack was getting repeats while Rose’s line never seemed to end!

Congratulations to this sweet couple! I hope your marriage brings overflowing joy to your lives!