Asus Laptop Review | Why I chose it over HP Spectra and Dell | Photography

Marcus and I did not have internet at home for the first couple of years of marriage. (*Gasp* ) I can tell you all about the weird comments I get telling people that, but it was something we could save money at that time. So, any online editing that I needed to do to upload photos I needed to be at a place with free wifi. 

A couple of months ago I was sitting at my Caribou Coffee working on editing an event I had shot the night before and my laptop was going PAINSTAKINGLY SLOW. Just hitting the right arrow to the next photo sometimes took up to 30 seconds. I had been working on my laptop from college all 6lbs of this laptop was making me more and more frustrated with it freezing or exerting itself to try to work with Lightroom. Frustrated and defeated, I came to the realization that this was no longer working.  What should have taken me and hour and a half was now taking me 4.5 hours! 

I knew what I needed that was a necessity for my business 1) it needed to have an SD card slot 2) it needed to be fast (no more 4 hr wait time) 3) cost needed to be close to 1k 4) had had had to be lite for portability on wedding days/travel

So after weeks of youtube reviews and information it came down to these computers : HP Spectra 360, which was the most beautiful, review the craziest reviews, and second most expensive on my list (specs: 13.3" - intel core i7 - 16gb memory-512gb solid state drive) | Dell XPS my lightest choice but the most expensive (specs: 13.3" - intel core i7 - 16gb memory-256gb solid state drive) | Lenovo -  Yoga 900 (specs: 13.3" - intel core i7 - 16gb memory-512gb solid state drive)| Asus Q324UA  (specs: 13.3" - intel core i7 - 16gb memory-512gb solid state drive) Note* you will see that Apple product is missing this is due to being out of my price range and me being 100% Android platform user. It would have been weird having one item out of that platform. ;)  

Multiple trips to best buy and talking to multiple sales associates I finally decided on the Asus. It was light, had everything I needed, nice to look at and the price range was perfect. (I looked at it again a couple weeks later and it had gone on sale which helped me save over 300$!!!) 

So I have had it for a couple of months and here are the big things - it is super light. I can carry it to work and around the house without killing my back. It will be easy to take on wedding days and not add too much more weight with my other equipment.   I no longer have long weight times in lightroom, it is efficient and fast. 

My only issue with it is sometimes when I am typing the courser will jump unexpectedly. I have yet to figure out what causes this.  

So I was able to make a good investment in my business and it so far was well worth it!