5 Tips for Choosing Engagement Photo Location

One of the most freuquently asked question I get from my brides is "where should we go for our engagament photos?" What a GREAT question! I know it can seem stressful trying to nail down all those details but here are a couple of tips to help you choose.



Choose a location that is special to you! This is the most important one in my opinion. Yeah, we can make anywhere and still come out with some pretty awesome photos, but doing some where special to you just adds another layer to your photos. Looking back at them you can say "oh that's where we had out first date" or "we frequently go there to celebrate!" 

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Choose somewhere you're comfortable being you.  Who you are, what you normally wear, what you normally like to do. I know this sounds a little weird but if sitting by the fireplace in your backyard is a place you are most relaxed then choose that! Are you the most comfortable at home cooking dinner with your France DO THAT! You're thinking that's not that glamorous but those photos will turn out amazing because you are both comfortable. (And bonus your photographer gets a taste test ...you know just in case ...) 

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Choose a Location that is higher up if sunset photos are your favorites. I always try to book our session together around the time the sunsets. Those are be far some of my favorite photos I take. To get those having a location where the sun is setting around you but also having it in a deep valley we have to adjust where the sun is going to be. This is something I think about all the time.



Make sure your Location is Photo friendly. There are some location where the location itself limits photography on their site or requires a permit with payment. Look into places that don't have restrictions or find out the restrictions ahead of time. I have found that majority of the time I call ahead they are really friendly and willing to work with us to get your beautiful photos. But when I haven't called ahead of time and we just show up, it can get a little hostel! Trust me it is not that fun to have to run away from people in this way. 

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If you want to bring your furbaby, check ahead of time that the location allows it or if they have any restrictions. Following the rules makes for a much happier session I promise!  I LOVE shooting with you with your pets. I believe they are a big part of your family ( I have two cats of my own that I love and sing to often.)  Just double checking they are allowed or looking for a location that doesn't have a pet restricting is key!

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