Lens Review | Micro-Nikkor 105mm F/2.8G


This year I was blessed enough to upgrade my 60mm Macro to the Nikon 105mm Macro for my ring shots on my wedding days!! 

After being so used to my 60mm, I have found getting used to the 105 a little challenging!
It's a bulky and heavy when I shoot details, which I was not expecting. My goal in upgrading was getting a lens that I could not only get crisper photos but with the 105 focal length I am also able to use it for portraiture or candids. The lens's versatility this season has been especially useful when shooting with my second shooter! With the focal length of 105 I have used it durning ceremony shooting. 
I have noticed how crisp my ring shots have become which has been a good update from my other lens!  Overall I have enjoyed this new addition to my Nikon army!