Hartley Nature Center Engagement Photography | Christian and Emily| Minneapolis Wedding Photographer

It happened while Christian was eno-ing with a friend on Furman campus, a couple friend stopped and talked to Chris for 5-10 minutes. Thanks to that talk christian and Emily's life would never be the same. As they walked away they said they thought Christian would be perfect for Emily. That was when the pestering texts started coming in on Christians phone all encouraging him to meet Emily! Christian finally gave in and went to the same church service at Hampton park to meet her. As he was super self-conscious of his clammy hands as he extended a handshake to Emily for the first time. 
Emily had seen his photos online like anyone would do before a setup. She thought he was pretty good looking but his smile was a little too preppy for her own personal tastes.   When they finally together it was a little awkward at first but they soon came to realize how easy it was to talk to one another. That was just the start, they enjoyed adventures exploring South Carolina's mountains and parks, Before they knew they were dating! 
Fast forward to Christian telling me that he was going to propose and wanted me to capture it. As any older sister would be I was STINKIN EXCITED! He planned it on his birthday to start off the new year right! 
They made their way to have dinner at one of Christian's favorite spots downtown. As they arrived to Cossettas they came to find it was closed for new year.  With a little disappointment he made his way to get some "awesome photos" at Rice Park. Being negative 5 degrees they got their photos and quickly ran back to the car.  They then made their way to Raspberry Island, which unknown to Emily, Marcus and I were waiting camera ready. 
They started to walk to the arch and when they got their it had a heart of rose petals. Christian got down on one knee and asked Emily to be his wife! As you can probably tell from the title she said YES! 

Now fast forward to their engagement session, we made our way up to Hartley nature Center to get some amazing photos in the woods. To top it off it was snowing all day and it just was Minnesota's way of adding that extra touch of magic to make these photos they way they are. 
I can't wait for their wedding in just a couple of months!