Abulea Wedding Photography | New Years Eve Wedding | Elle & Patrick |

Elle and Patrick's wedding was on the door step of 2017 new years eve . I shot this wedding with Justin Mark Photography as a last minute favor because Justin was pretty stick the day before! Back to Elle and Patrick they decided to get ready at abulea in downtown st paul right by Mears Park and CHS field. The ceremony was held at St. Thomas Chapel. Although it was pretty cold it didn't phase Elle as she was up for the challenge as was the entire wedding party because no body complained with giant smiles in front of the camera!

As the ceremony began, the chapel forgot to take down the life-size nativity scene at the alter! So tip for those choosing holidays for your wedding remember to make sure SOMEONE is assigned to take down the churches decorations! It would not have been that big of deal if it did not take up 1/3 of the alter where these two love birds tied the knot!  

After the ceremony we all meet up at Abulea for a comfotable and GORGEOUS reception!